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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes might damage your carpet

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While cleaning carpets is a simple and straightforward task, there are several mistakes that you are likely to make. Such mistakes might damage your carpet resulting to additional expenses. It is also possible to make mistakes when selecting a company to provide carpet cleaning services.

Wrong Selection of a Carpet Cleaning Company 

You should not choose a firm on the basis of cheap prices. Such quotes are used as baits to entice customers; cheap prices could also translate to the firm’s use of low-quality equipment. Many people make the mistake of selecting a service provider without going through customer reviews. Also, it is not advisable to choose a company solely based on the type of equipment they own as there are other important factors to consider. 

Using a Coloured Towel 

When you clean your carpet using coloured towel, there is a high likelihood of the colour to run on the carpet fibers. You are advised to use a white or cotton towel to avoid the discoloration. 

Rubbing a Stain 

Professionals discourage rubbing a stain on the carpet during the cleaning process. You are advised to blot it out to avoid spreading the blemish. Apply enough pressure on the towel used for cleaning when wiping out the stain. 

Over-Shampooing and Over-Wetting 

When you use too much shampoo, you will have troubles rinsing the carpet. This will leave a soapy residue on it that looks like a stain. On the other hand, over-wetting will make the carpet shrink thus have an ugly shape on the floor. The dumpy condition also encourages the growth of moulds. 

Wrong Products 

Each carpet cleaning product plays a special role. Using the wrong products such as those made of strong chemicals on soft fabric will ruin them. Read labels or consult professionals to know which products are perfect to remove a specific stain. 

It is advisable to be careful when cleaning your carpet. Do not ignore some simple rules such as vacuuming the carpet before cleaning it. When you use the correct cleaning techniques, your carpeting will last for a longer time. ​

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