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Identity and contact details

We are Ideal Cleaning Centre, please see our website. Our postal address is 20 Beaumont Road, Middlesbrough TS3 6NL. Our telephone number is 01642 685321. You can contact us by email using team@idealcleaningcentre.co.uk.

Our designated supervisory authority under the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We are based in the United Kingdom.

You can contact the individual in charge of Data Protection in our company using the details above.

What data we process


Ideal Cleaning capture information on prospective customers which are all businesses. We use a reason of ‘Legitimate Interests’ to process this data. We do not capture sensitive data on these data subjects. We capture details that we need to be able to email or telephone the data so that we can sell to the organisations. We also capture details that we would use to segment the data, such as job title, and the name of the individual.


Ideal Cleaning capture information on our customers. We use a reason of ‘Contract’ to process this data. We do not capture sensitive data on these data subjects. We capture details that we need to be able to email or telephone individuals to carry out the work we have been contracted to do.


We process information on staff and potential staff so that we can manage their employment. This includes their name, address, employment history, medical details relevant to the work that our staff need to do, details of who we could contact in the event of an emergency, and other contact details such as email and telephone number. We use ‘Contract’ to process this data. We can capture special category information on this data and use category (b) of Article 9(a) of the GDPR (“necessary for the purposes of carrying out the obligations … in the field of employment…”) as the condition for processing this data.

We process information on staff so that we can report and pay their taxes. We process this data using the legal basis of ‘Legal Obligation’. This data includes their name and identifiers such as their National Insurance number.

Some of our customers require that we conduct a criminal records check on staff before they allow the staff to visit premises. Where a staff member is working on a customer’s premises where they require a DBS (criminal records) check, Ideal Cleaning will enter the names of the staff members onto a portal for a vetting service that we use, and so share the contact’s details with the company who provides the vetting service. Ideal Cleaning retain short-form copies of the DBS check results where an individual does not have a criminal record. We do not handle data on individuals who have a criminal record, but the individuals can be identified as the DBS check does not provide documentation to us. Staff members are made aware if their names are to be submitted for DBS checks. We use a legal basis of ‘Contract’ to process this data, and details that the DBS check may be required is detailed in the employment contract.

In some instances, our customers require us to send them the names of the staff who will be visiting their premises. This is so that our customers can use these details to identify that our staff have a valid reason for entering their premises (see also the criminal records check section). Our staff are informed that we will be sending our customers their names. We use a legal basis of ‘Contract’ to process this data.


Ideal Cleaning capture information on suppliers and potential suppliers (including possible sub- contractor organisations). We capture details, including name, job title, email and telephone numbers, so that we can contact the organisations if we need supplies or we need work to be carried out. We use ‘Contract’ to process this data as we are either engaged with a supplier or are taking steps to possibly engage a supplier. We do not capture special category information on these data subjects.

Other information on what we do with data


We do not provide information for which we act as Data Controller to other parties, except to those identified already in this document, or which Ideal Cleaning use as data processors. We require all data processors to have signed data processing agreements with us. Providers of cloud systems (where these are processors outlined in the list below) have these agreements embedded in their standard terms and conditions. Categories of our data processors include those handling our:

  • Sales and Marketing data management systems
  • Payroll services
  • Telephone answering services
  • HR contract and employee management systems

Retention and deletion

We delete data relating to financial payments after 6 years, as we are required to retain information for HMRC.

We delete the data relating to the Ideal Cleaning staff 6 years after the end of their employment with Ideal Cleaning.

If an individual submits details to us in consideration of employment, and we do not employ them, then we delete the data relating to the applicant 1 month after the date of the last communication with that prospective employee.

Records will be removed from our sales and marketing system, email marketing system, and email and file storage systems after 5 years if there has been no engagement with a contact.

All records are disposed of securely when deleted.


The network members provide us with data relevant to their profession. We store and process data for which we act as Data Controller in receptacles that include secure, lockable filing cabinets on our premises, or secure systems based in the ‘cloud’. The cloud systems are mainly used for the backup of our data. Some of the cloud organisations host their data outside of the EEA and the UK, and where they do, the organisations have signed up to Standard Contractual Clauses as a part of the cloud vendor’s terms and conditions.

How we look after data

We take reasonable technical and procedural precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration of personal data.

We do not publish the details of the safeguards we use to protect the personal data that we control as this could reduce the effectiveness of those safeguards.


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When you visit our website, you will be presented with a choice which will allow you to decide whether cookies are used or not. In a few cases some of our website features may not function if you choose not to allow cookies on our website.

Other websites

Our website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to our organisation, so when you link to other websites you should read their privacy policies.

Your rights

Ideal Cleaning recognises the rights of data subjects as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will always seek to uphold those rights and the links provided will enable you to communicate with us to exercise those rights, where relevant.

  • Your right to be informed (this document and further communications we might send to you)

Click on the following links to send us an email so that you can exercise your rights.

Ideal Cleaning recognises your right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. You can access the ICO’s website from this link.