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Newham Grange County Farm

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It’s a farm park plus conservation centre situated on Wykeham Way in a large housing estate called Coulby Newham. Newham Grange Country Farm is one of only sixteen nationally approved by the conservation charity known as the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. It’s open to the public, and it’s a unique and popular attraction for school groups and families. 

There are lots of things for visitors to do and see at the farm. They include a wide variety of cattle (Beef Shorthorn and British White), pigs (Gloucestershire Old Spot and Berkshire), sheep (Wensleydale and Whitefaced Woodland) plus other common farm animals including waterfowl, poultry, donkeys, ponies, goats and rabbits. Also, the farm has a play and picnic area, petting area, mini tractors and willow maze. Additionally, Newham Grange Country Farm has a farm shop and cafe. 

It also provides access for people who are disabled in most areas, a toilet for disabled individuals plus baby changing facilities. The 1-mile loop path that’s around the outside of Newham Grange Country Farm is ideal for walking, running or cycling, and it’s well connected to the Middlesbrough town by cycle routes and a series of footpaths. 

Historical exhibits include an early twentieth-century agricultural merchants shop and a reproduction of a nineteenth-century veterinary surgery. According to the Visitor Centre, the history of Newham Grange Country Farm dates from the seventeenth century. There are picnic and play areas as well as tea rooms plus an event programme that take place throughout the year. 

Newham Grange Country Farm is truly unique and special. Visitors can go to this farm to enjoy a nice walk around the fields, make friends with the available rare breeds of farm animals and even have a memorable picnic for a treat. Visitors can extend their visit longer if they wish and have a walk around Fairy Dell, which is a stunning Countryside site situated right next to Newham Grange Country Farm.

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