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The Riverside Stadium

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The Riverside is a football stadium that’s also situated in Middlesbrough. Since 1995, The Riverside Stadium has been home to the professional association football club called Middlesbrough F.C. The current capacity of the stadium is 34,000 all seated; however, there’s provisional planning approval to expand the capacity to 42,000 if needed. 

The stadium is completely enclosed with all the seats offering an uninterrupted clear view of the football pitch. The 4 main stands are commonly called South, East and North stands. The corners are called the South-West, South-East, North-West and North-East corners. Also, concourses run around the whole ground with kiosks serving drinks and food. 

The West stand typically runs along the pitch length, and it’s the largest stand in the stadium. The stand has several executive boxes along its length and restaurants. It also houses the changing rooms; the players’ tunnel appears from the centre of the West stand. In the top tier, white seating spells out “BORO”, which is the nickname of the club. 

As for the North stand, it backs on to the 137-kilometre River Tees. At the back of this stand houses part of the vocal support, hence it’s also called the New Holgate End referencing the Holgate End, located at Ayresome Park, where similar vocal supporters were situated. 

The South stand used to house visiting supporters, which has been relocated and taken to the East stand. Since the 2013/14 season to the current 2017/18 season, it’s occupied by home supporters. 

People seating at the East stand can greet players as they are walking out the tunnel. In 2016, the main TV gantry was removed from the west stand and taken to the East stand at the top. In the top tier, white seating spells out “MFC”. Also, the roof houses 5 flagpoles with several flags flying, often representing the cup as well as the league competitions the football club is participating in plus a team crest flag. ​

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