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Could Your Office Benefit from a Spring Clean? – 5 Simple Steps for Deep Cleaning Your Office

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Now that we’re over the worst of the winter months; and spring is finally upon us, now is the perfect time to freshen up your office space for the coming year ahead.

Deep cleaning your office space has many benefits, including boosting staff morale, improving air quality and many, many more. But looking at the job as a whole can make it seem like a very daunting task. No doubt there are many tasks that need addressing and not knowing where to start can often delay things getting started.

Follow these 5 simple steps below and you’ll soon be well on your way to a cleaner, brighter and healthier office space.

1. Clear the Clutter

Before you do any cleaning, you’ll want to organise your items first. Take some time to neatly file your paperwork away, invest in a pen pot or drawer organiser for your stationery so it has somewhere to live, and reduce your personal items to just a few which you can swap over from time to time.

Tip: A keepsake box for storing personal mementos is a great way of avoiding cluttering up your desk.

Once you’ve organised your desk, move on to the communal areas and kitchen. Clear out any unused tupperware and out of date food from the cupboards and fridge. Ask people if they want to take their own items home or if they’re happy for you to bin it for them. Once organised, the kitchen cupboards will be much easier to clean and keep tidy.

2. Remove the Rubbish

Let’s be honest, we all hang onto things we don’t really need. Have a think and decide which items you no longer need and categorise them into keep, donate, recycle or general waste.

Anything you’re keeping can be stored away neatly for later when it’s needed. Anything you no longer need, but may be useful to someone else, can be given to a colleague or donated to charity. Anything that you no longer need may be able to be recycled. This can include things like paper, plastics, cardboard, metals and electricals. Be sure to check your local recycling centre for more information. Anything that is no longer needed but can’t be recycled can be placed into general waste.

Tip: Shred any confidential documents that are no longer needed so they’re safely and securely disposed of.

Whatever it is you’re disposing of, be ruthless, be conscientious, consider the environment and dispose of your items responsibly.

3. Deal with the Dust

Once you’ve cleared everything away, the next thing you’ll want to do is tackle the dust. Dust lurks in every corner and in every crevice of your office. The best and most efficient way of tackling dust is working from high to low surfaces. Use feather dusters and vacuum cleaners with attachments to tackle high, hard to reach areas first and work your way down. Working from top to bottom means you won’t miss anything.

You can clean low down surfaces by hand using cleaning cloths and a general cleaning chemical. Surfaces like desks & desk legs, chair and chair legs, furniture such as shelving units & filing cabinets will all benefit from a good wipe down. Other items like monitors, computers, printers and telephones will need a wipe down too. And don’t forget doors, frames and skirting boards!

Tip: Use a dry cloth on electrical items to avoid any water damage.

4. Transform Those Toilets

Your toilets will most definitely need some of your attention to give them a good freshen up. Even if your toilets are getting a daily clean, there will be dust and dirt gathering in areas that may get missed from day to day. Cleaning down cubicle walls, cleaning sinks, wiping down pipes and cleaning behind toilets with a sanitising solution will not only remove dirt build up but kill any nasty germs along with it.

Sweep and mop the floor thoroughly to remove built up dirt. Don’t forget to give the outer toilet door a good wipe down with a sanitising solution to kill any germs.

Tip: Install an automatic air freshening system in your toilets to keep them smelling fresh all day every day.

5. Freshen Your Floors

Once all other tasks have been taken care of, you’ll be able to turn your attention to your last task, the floors. Give all your carpets a really good vacuum, making sure to pay attention to edges and corners. If a piece of furniture is easy to move, you can vacuum underneath to remove dust build up.

Your hard floors will need a sweep and a good thorough mop. Make sure you cut into the edges first so no corners are missed, and move appliances like fridges out of the way so the floor underneath can be cleaned well. Don’t forget to put your warning signs out when cleaning your floors.

Tip: All that dust has to go somewhere! Make sure you check and change the vacuum bag regularly to maintain the vacuum cleaners performance.

Does all of this sound like a lot of work to you? You’re quite right, it is! Why not lighten your load and call in the professionals to take care of the deep cleaning for you? Ideal cleaning has the team, tools and training needed to thoroughly deep clean your office for the coming year ahead.

Contact us directly today on 01642 685 321 or email us at team@idealcleaningcentre.co.uk to arrange a site visit with one of our friendly cleaning professionals.