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How do I Know if my Office Cleaner is Doing a Good Job?

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Professional commercial cleaning services should ideally be discreet, efficient and produce excellent cleaning results. Commercial cleaners should understand the importance of respecting your work space and carrying out their duties un-intrusively so you can carry out your work undisturbed.

Although working this way is both best for cleaners and yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether or not they are fulfilling all of their duties correctly and are performing as they should

We’ve listed 6 key points for you to look out for when evaluating your cleaners work.

1 – Your Cleaning Schedules are in Place

Cleaning schedules are a great way of keeping track of what it is your cleaners are actually cleaning, and how often it’s being done. In the cleaning industry, consistency is key. The cleaning you get needs to be consistent in order to maintain the cleaning result you’re looking for. Establishing a cleaning schedule that fits your workplace helps you monitor how much cleaning is needed. A good commercial cleaning provider will work with you to prepare a cleaning schedule and make adjustments to it where needed.

2 – Your Personal Space is Respected

Your cleaners should be respectful of your need for privacy and personal space while you carry out your own work duties. Depending on the time of day your cleaners are at your premises, they should always work in such a way so as to cause the least disruption to your team’s workflow. Out of hours cleaning is a great solution to this problem. Whether it’s early morning or late afternoon cleaning, your team will benefit from minimal cleaning disruption. If cleaning cannot be done out of hours, your cleaners should politely communicate with you so they can quickly clean your work area in just a couple of minutes and let you get back to your tasks at hand.

3 – You Get the Same Cleaning Team Every Time

Having a different cleaning team coming to your building from one week to the next can make you feel uneasy. You may wonder if they understand what’s required at your workplace, if they know their way around or even if the cleaning company you’ve taken on is a reliable one. Having the same team turning up each time helps you to establish a good working relationship with them, and ensures they are fully aware and able to carry out their cleaning duties with no problems.

4 – They Arrive and Finish on Time

Good time keeping is essential with cleaning. If your cleaners are regularly late and then leave early without completing the agreed cleaning time, your cleaning will almost certainly suffer. You will likely need the cleaning to be finished at a time that’s convenient for you, and this can’t be the case if your cleaners arrive late for their work as they will need to stay overtime to complete the job properly. Good time keeping is as important as good quality cleaning, and the two go hand in hand when it comes to commercial cleaning.

5 – Safety Procedures are Being Followed

This may not seem like a big deal with cleaning. After all, we all use chemicals and equipment to clean our own homes right? However, commercial cleaners have a duty of care to make sure that they are working safely. They need to work safely not only to protect themselves, but to protect you and your colleagues as well as members of the public. Cleaners working safely will ensure they wear correct PPE as well as follow health and safety practices such as using floor signs. If these things are absent, the safeness of their work is questionable.

6 – They Leave Your Workplace Clean and Tidy

The ultimate end goal for every cleaner is to deliver excellent cleaning results. Even if all of the above criteria is being met, if the cleaning they’re doing isn’t good enough, you’re not getting what you’re paying for. Check for those easily missed areas, or areas you think should be cleaned on a regular basis and see how clean they actually are. This will give you an indication of how well your cleaning team is doing and whether you need to do something about it.

Ideal Cleaning is providing cleaning to these exacting standards (and so much more) all across the Tees Valley area. Call us today on 01642 685 321 to see how we can help you achieve the cleaning standard you need for your business.