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Keep Your Office Clean and Smelling Great

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Smell is one of the most powerful senses. Connected to our memories, it can evoke strong feelings with relative ease. Also, unpleasant smells have a negative effect on our mindsets, not to mention giving us a rather horrible feeling in the stomach. So, if you have an office that smells terrible, the chances are your employees will notice and not enjoy their time working. This can reduce productivity and morale, so it’s always worth having a clean office that smells great – it will only benefit your business.

Open windows provide plenty of fresh air

One of the easiest ways to keep your office smelling great is to keep as many windows open as possible. Of course, the weather impacts how plausible this is, but whenever possible be sure to keep office windows open to keep the air fresh and pleasant.This also allows any bad odours to escape, so be sure to make the most of your office windows if an unpleasant smell develops!

Be vigilant with the washroom

Wash rooms are usually the source of most office smells, making them one of the most important rooms for regular office cleaning. If bad smells continue to emanate from toilets, it may be worth reviewing the cleaning schedule or procedure to ensure it’s done properly. Consider adding scented air fresheners and fragrant hand soaps to keep things smelling as pleasant as possible. Avoid scents that are too powerful mind you, as this can be just as unpleasant and rather overwhelming.

Staff rooms should be closely monitored

Although toilets are known for creating quite the smell in an office, a staff rest room is certainly a close second. With the amount of food waste and general trash in a rest room, it’s understandable why this particular room can produce should bad smells in an office. So, it is important to ensure all trash is thrown away as soon as possible, and that bins are regularly emptied to prevent bad smells developing. Surface tops should be kept as clean as possible, while you need to ensure that dishes are left unwashed for too long – this creates a nasty smell in no time!

Finally, consider the food items permitted in the staff room fridge. Those eating fresh foods need to make sure they aren’t left in there too long, especially if anyone eats chicken or fish on their lunch breaks. 

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