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Why Ideal Cleaning’s Covid Fogging and Deep Cleaning Service Can Help Your Business

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As the vaccination process continues to roll out throughout the nation, we are seeing a slow but steady return to life before the pandemic. While far from over, life is getting better for most of us, especially business owners that are looking to make up over lost time during lockdowns.

However, the presence of covid-19 remains, with the latest variants highlighting that business owners need to remain vigilant. A single case in your work premises could see a temporary closure of the premises as cleaning and decontamination is now an essential component of health and safety compliance.

Thankfully, there are various options available should your business be facing issues with covid transmissions in the workplace. This includes our very own covid deep cleaning and fogging service, which can help your business in many ways!

Let’s take a closer look at why Ideal Cleaning’s covid fogging and deep cleaning service can help your business:

Fast Response

If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 in your workplace, then fast action is essential to slow the spread and minimise the impact it has on your business.

While a single case may not call for complete closure, it certainly won’t reflect on a business that does little to address an outbreak in their premises.

Therefore, a fast and effective response to any covid-related sanitation issues is vital. This is where Idea Cleaning’s rapid response team steps in to help.

We quickly arrive on-site to complete a thorough deep clean and fogging process that completely decontaminates the premises. Our aim is to provide the quickest response possible, so if there is any suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19, we can quickly decontaminate to minimise the disruption caused. 

Available 24/7

We understand that Covid-19 is not helpful to a strict schedule. An outbreak could occur at any time, with many businesses operating during non-traditional working hours. If there is an outbreak in the middle of the night, you could be waiting until the next day to hear back from a cleaning company.

Ideal Cleaning offers 24/7 covid deep cleaning and fogging services.

We are available around the clock, so if your business is dealing with an unexpected covid problem, we can be there to start cleaning at a time that suits your needs, whether it’s midday or midnight. This includes weekends and all major holidays!

Quick Cleaning and Decontamination

Ideal Cleaning helps your business avoid costly closures by minimising the cleaning response time Our covid deep cleaning and fogging service is fast yet efficient, ensuring your business sees minimum disruption.

We start cleaning as soon as we arrive, starting with a manual deep clean to remove dirt and germs from high traffic surfaces, like switches, door handles, furniture, and other high touch points.

Once this is completed, we begin the fogging process, which involves dispersing our Ideal EnviroSafe anti pathogen solution into the room. This decontaminates the air and all surfaces within the room, killing 99.9999% of all bacteria and eliminating viruses, including Covid-19.

The entire process takes about two hours, and you can return to the premises approximately one hour after fogging. So, expect to have your entire workplace cleaned, decontaminated, and ready for use the same day. We also provide appropriate certification to ensure health and safety compliance.

Fogging Offers the Best Cleaning Coverage

The reason we are using fogging as part of our decontamination process for covid-19 is because of its efficient coverage. The fogging process consists of spraying disinfectant into microscopic droplets that disperses into the air, killing bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces, soft surfaces, and in the air.

The micro-droplets are much lighter in weight than usual sprays so they stay suspended in the air for longer, then settle onto surfaces treating both the air itself, and then when they land, hard surfaces where pathogens may be lurking. This ensures a thorough and efficient decontamination. No other method gets the same amount of coverage in such an effective way. Rooms are safe to re-enter within a couple of hours, which is why we can have your business thoroughly decontaminated causing minimal disruption to you.

This is especially useful for larger premises. We can use fogging machines to effectively clean huge spaces in a matter of hours, something that is not possible with other decontamination methods.

So, whether you have a huge warehouse, multi-storey office, or a large retail store, our fogging service will quickly clean and sanitise the space to ensure minimal disruptions.

If you require our decontamination fogging services, please call our office today on 01642 685 321 and we will mobilise our team within 4 hours of your call.