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3 Simple Ways to Boost Morale Through Cleaning

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If you’re looking for ways to boost morale in your workplace, the key is to keep it simple and look for beneficial healthy solutions. This can include anything from providing simple refreshments for your staff to enjoy throughout their workday; to adding touches such as indoor plants to brighten up the space.

Keeping the workplace clean and tidy is no exception to this.

No one wants to work in an unhygienic environment, and an unhygienic work environment increases the risks associated with employee sickness, low employee morale & employee retention.

Here are three ways you can boost morale in your workplace through cleaning.

Make It Easy

Make sure it’s easy for staff to clean up after themselves by providing what they need for the job. For instance, providing an adequate amount of waste bins for your staff such as a simple waste paper bin placed at each desk helps keep them clutter free. In addition, your staff will be more likely to clean up after themselves in the kitchen if there are plenty of supplies such as washing up liquid, dishcloths and paper towels for them to use. Monitor stock levels of these items carefully so there’s always plenty on hand. If your office kitchen has space for it, install a dishwasher!

Communicate With Staff

Simple eye catching posters with brief reminders about the benefits of a clean workplace provide visual prompts to continually encourage staff to keep doing their bit. It also sends a clear message that everyone is required to be responsible for their own mess and which in turn increases the likelihood the space will be kept clean and tidy. A monthly email containing reminders and updates about office cleanliness is also a very effective way to communicate openly with staff.

Good communication is a two way street, and the best way to get to know how your staff really feel about the cleanliness of their workplace is to simply ask for their opinion. Set aside a few minutes to chat to your staff about their thoughts, feelings and concerns surrounding workplace cleanliness and take steps to carefully consider and implement changes that will reflect your staff’s suggestions. Your staff will no doubt feel listened to and valued when they see you’re taking their suggestions seriously.

Call In The Professionals

Every business runs at its absolute best when everyone is completely committed and fully focussed on their job roles. The best way to help ensure this is the case, and so that staff aren’t distracted, is to let someone else take care of the day to day cleaning needs of your business. Your staff will always have a level of responsibility with helping keep things clean and tidy, but the general cleaning needs are best left to someone else.

Ideal Cleaning can help keep on top of things like daily dusting, kitchen cleaning, toilet cleaning, waste removal, vacuuming and mopping as well as an array of other services, all of which contribute to maintaining excellent morale amongst your staff. We’re also equipped for specialist cleaning needs, and supply cleaning services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Why not give us a call today on 01642 685 321 to begin your journey to a cleaner, brighter and happier workplace!