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How to Keep Your Office Carpets Looking Their Best

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Have you noticed your office carpets looking a little grubby lately? Maybe that stain where someone spilled their coffee last month is still there. Maybe the walkways between furniture have become heavily soiled? Maybe they’re looking a little lacklustre? Or maybe you’ve noticed a bit of a strange smell in the office lately?

All of the above are signs that your office carpet is in need of a good clean!

It’s no surprise that office carpets see a lot of use throughout the day. Offices are a hive of activity with people coming and going constantly. From staff carrying out their daily work; to visitors to your office bringing in dirt on their shoes, those carpets are going to get dirty and worn out sooner or later. And it’s not realistic or cost effective to replace your carpets each and every time they do.

So how can you keep your carpets looking their best? And is there a way to help extend the life of your carpets?

Fortunately, Ideal Cleaning has the answer…Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Plans!

Carpet cleaning maintenance is commonly overlooked in the business world, yet having clean carpets contributes hugely to maintaining a good business image. So it makes sense to make sure they receive the very best of care.

Did you know that it’s recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year? Although this gives your carpets an annual spruce up, it’s not going to achieve much in the way of extending the life of your carpets.

What Contributes to a dirty carpet? Dry Soils, Dirt Build Up, Stains & Odours

Did you know 80% of dirt on a carpet is dry soil? It’s true that daily vacuuming using a commercial vacuum cleaner (such as a tub vac) helps keep the levels of daily dry soil like dust, sand and other debris at bay. However, they’re usually not powerful enough to draw out tiny particles that find their way to the base of the carpet fibres. These small particles act like sandpaper on the carpet and gradually wear it away over time. This not only affects the longevity of the carpet, but also causes the overall appearance to look dull and worn much quicker if left untreated.

As this is the case, it’s really important that as much dry soil is removed from the carpet before any wet cleaning of carpets takes place. We use our powerful twin motor vacuum cleaners that utilitie powered brush technology and superior suction levels to draw out even the smallest dust particles. Skipping this step and wetting the dry soil before cleaning essentially creates a sludge which can be much harder to remove. We take every care and attention to carefully vacuum each square inch and nook & cranny of your carpet before commencing wet cleaning, to achieve the best results possible.

Dirt Build Up

General dirt build up, especially in high traffic areas where people most frequently wak, can cause your carpet to look grubby. The kind of dirt found on your carpet can depend on the nature of your business and external factors such as building location. For example, if you have a workshop on your premises which staff move between, it’s likely you’ll end up with a transfer of dirt from the workshop floor onto your carpets. If your building is in the vicinity of a wooded area, you’ll find people bring in dirt including decomposing leaves and berries in their shoes during the autumn.

All of these factors are taken into account when we approach cleaning your carpets. This is to ensure we use the right methods and cleaning techniques to achieve the best results possible.


Stains are usually the most noticeable thing on a dirty carpet, and quite often the most difficult to treat. Stains can be caused by anything from spilled drinks, food, ink, paint, adhesives and everything in between. How successful the removal of the stain is depends on what it is, the type of carpet it’s on and how long it has been there. Although every effort is made to remove or reduce the appearance of stains on your carpets, we can never guarantee that we will remove 100% of the stains every time. The best chance we have of treating the stain successfully is for us to get to it as soon as possible. This way the stain has less chance of adhering to the carpet fibres making it easier to remove.


Noone likes nasty odours lingering around the office, and odours have a tendency to cling to fabrics just like the ones found in your carpet. Keeping on top of cleaning your carpets not only keeps them looking their best, but keeps them smelling their best too. Having your carpets regularly cleaned kills odour causing bacteria harbouring within, and removes unpleasant odours caused by food preparation and the like.

Ideal cleaning uses the best carpet cleaning chemicals that are designed to leave a fresh scent behind long after they’ve been cleaned.

Our Carpet Maintenance Plans Can Help

Ideal Cleaning cleans thousands of square metres of carpet every year, so we know a thing or two about keeping carpets looking their best.

We can offer you a carpet cleaning maintenance plan that will ensure your carpets receive the care and attention they deserve. We can work with you to assess the cleaning needs of your carpets as to the frequency they need cleaning, the specific areas that may need more attention, and agree a price that suits your budget. We will then visit your premises at agreed times throughout the year to carry out carpet cleaning maintenance for your business.

We carry this service out for a variety of customers each year. Why not call our friendly team today on 01642 685 321 to chat about how our carpet cleaning maintenance plan can help you and your business really shine!

Alternatively, you can request a quote by filling out the form on our website. We can’t wait to start working with you.