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Benefits of cleaning your commercial carpet

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Are you fed up of the dirt gathering on the carpet in your office? Do you have messy colleagues that always spill their tea? Or worst of them all, do you have the cookie monsters leaving crumbs under their desks?! Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

What exactly do professional carpet cleaners do?

Professional carpet cleaners have the confidence and ability to restore the appearance of your carpet in just a few hours. Their highly skilled technicians carry out appropriate risk assessments that determine what cleaning methods and equipment are best suited to your office carpet.

You’re probably familiar with using a steam cleaner when cleaning carpets, however did you know that these cause more damage than good as they use gallons of water causing damage resulting in a distorted, mouldy, smelly carpet?! Professional commercial carpet cleaners follow an efficient process that prevents this from happening.

With cleaning solutions for all types of carpet, from high quality stain removing formulas to dirt loosening solutions, the stains that you can’t always remove yourself will be vanished, all bacterial will be eliminated and your carpet will be left fully sanitised.

Are there any other benefits?

  • Having a fully sanitised carpet means no unpleasant odours are left lingering behind
  • A clean, hygienic working environment can help create a positive atmosphere amongst employees, with studies showing that employees concentration levels and productivity are in fact boosted when working in a clean, bright office.
  • The condition of your carpet will be restored, prolonging its life and giving it a ‘like new’ appearance.
  • Don’t leave an eyesore for your visitors and the other occupants in the building, instead create a good impression and boost your business’s reputation
  • Save time with ‘Dry in one hour’ services which are available by the Ideal Cleaning Centre, meaning carpet cleaning can be carried out and ready to use after just one hour, causing minimal disruption to your working day and employees.

Where can I find a professional carpet cleaner?

As carpet cleaning is likely to be the last thing on your business’s priority list, leave it to the experts! Ideal Cleaning Centre offer a friendly, reliable service specialising in commercial carpet cleaning services in and around Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington and Hartlepool areas. Contact us today on 01642 685321.