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How Often Should Commercial Cleaners Clean My Office?

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So, you’ve decided you need to enlist the help of a commercial cleaning company to clean your workplace, but have you considered how often you need them to visit to achieve the cleaning result you need?… No? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! No Doubt you want the best cleaning result possible.

So, how often should commercial cleaners clean your workplace?

The answer ultimately depends on multiple factors including: the type and size of the business, the kind of property you have, and what your cleaning requirements are.

What type and size is your business?

It’s important to understand the kind of business you have and the use of your workplace in order to decide how often it should be cleaned. For instance, smaller businesses premises with fewer staff may require less cleaning than larger business premises with greater numbers of staff. On the other hand a public facing business will need to look its absolute best every day, whereas a private office that has less visitors may not need as much.

All of the above factors shouldn’t forgo good hygiene practices. After all, staff will prepare food in kitchens and use toilet facilities many times a day. Even if your business premises are smaller or your employee numbers are low, this shouldnt mean you neglect it. Good hygiene is essential for your business and should be taken into account when deciding how often you have it cleaned.

What kind of business property do you have?

Is your business simply offices, or is it a mixture of office space and industrial warehouses? Is it a public facing business or an educational facility? Or is it something entirely different?

How your commercial property is used will more often than not dictate the amount of cleaning it will need. An office environment is very different from a manufacturing facility so cleaning needs will differ greatly. If your property has both, factory dust will likely spread from one space to another meaning your offices become much dirtier much faster. It’s a good idea to spend just a few minutes having a look around to identify problem areas. This will help you decide how often you need cleaning. Our cleaning health check guide is a great way to review the cleaning needs of your business. Download your own copy here.

What are your cleaning requirements?

Taking into the above factors you will be able to identify what your actual cleaning requirements are. Some cleaning tasks are best done daily to keep dirt and germs to an absolute minimum, whereas others may only need to be done a couple of times a week, a month or even a year! You can decide how often you need cleaning no matter the size and type of your business. But remember, not enough cleaning can quickly lead to problems arising. These can include employee sickness, poor business image and low staff morale.

Once you’ve identified the size and type of your property and the kind of business conducted within, you’re much better informed to decide what your cleaning requirements are and how often they should be carried out.

I know what I need! What’s the next step?

Brilliant! You’ve identified your cleaning needs and are ready to have it taken care of by the professionals.

Happily, Ideal Cleaning offers multiple types of cleaning services including daily, weekly and monthly cleans as well as one off deep cleans and other brilliant services.

Call us today, or we can meet with you personally, to discuss in detail your requirements and work out a schedule that works for you.

Still not 100% sure what you need? Not to worry! We can arrange a visit to tour your premises and offer recommendations for your cleaning needs based on our years of experience in the industry. We’re always flexible and can offer cleaning out of hours and can adjust the frequency of our visits if needed.

Call for a chat on 01642 685 321 and one of our friendly team members will get you on your way to a sparkling clean workplace!