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Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning – What’s the Difference?

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It’s a common misconception that contract cleaning in general can be accomplished with a one size fits all approach. Although basic cleaning principles always apply, the methods through which it is carried out need to be adapted to suit the cleaning needs of the environment.

When it comes to contract cleaning, no two business premises are ever exactly the same. Each business can use the space in their building to suit their needs including its intended purpose, layout, fixtures & fittings, furnishings and even decor. Each of these factors play a major role in determining the methods used for achieving an appropriate, thorough clean.

It may surprise you to learn that there are many different approaches to contract cleaning. The most common can be identified as:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning

It may not seem essential that you know which type of cleaning it is you’re in the market for, but it really can pay dividends if you know and understand what kind it is you need when enquiring for cleaning services.In order to give you a helping hand, we’ve outlined the difference between these three common types of contract cleaning.

Let’s begin with Office Cleaning

Office cleaning itself sounds like a very simple task, however office environments are often very complex spaces. A typical office space usually consists of a lot of desks, large delicate electrical equipment, server rooms, boardrooms, lifts, staircases, communal break areas, toilets, reception areas, as well as a lot of people carrying out their daily work.

Offices can be very dusty environments when you consider the amount of carpets, people, paperwork and pesky spiders camping out in corners. So it’s important that this is taken into account when planning your cleaning approach. Extra equipment for keeping dust levels to a minimum will need to be used. High reach dusters, plenty of dusting cloths and well maintained vacuum cleaners are a must. And we haven’t even mentioned kitchens and toilets! It goes without saying that daily office cleaning really helps reduce the build up of dirt and grime that can accumulate over time if left unchecked.

Office cleaning is a firm fixture of the many services we offer. We carry out office cleaning on a daily basis for many businesses across multiple locations. It’s a service we are well known for and one we accomplish very well.

Next…Commercial Cleaning

The term commercial cleaning is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of business types, including anything from retail to educational facilities; retirement homes to medical centres.

Commercial cleaning calls for a versatile cleaning approach with equipment specially designed for a variety of surface types, floorings, spaces and uses.

Let’s take retail as an example – and more specifically car dealerships.

Car dealerships are an eclectic mix of public and private areas consisting of; car showrooms, waiting areas with coffee machines, public & staff toilets, desks & small offices, break rooms, carpets & hard floors. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cars sitting right there in the middle of it all. Special care and attention to detail is an absolute must in an environment such as this, and not one to be left to just anyone!

Hard floors are a prominent feature in any car showroom, and must be properly maintained to ensure that they not only look their best, but are safe for those using them. The correct methods for cleaning of hard floors, especially where slips and trips pose a genuine risk to the health and safety of staff and members of the public, needs to be taken very seriously. Steps may need to be taken to ensure the floors are cleaned and dry before anyone walks on them.

You would agree that the cleaning needs associated with, for example a retirement home, will differ greatly to that of a car dealership. Fortunately – we have the knowledge and expertise needed for all types of Commercial Cleaning tasks.

Last but not least, Industrial Cleaning

Industrial businesses usually require a more specialist cleaning approach due to the nature of their work. Industries such as manufacturing, processing plants, fabrication, shipyards, building sites and laboratories (to name a few) pose even more challenges when it comes to cleaning.

Often the environments themselves can become much dirtier and are far more complex in nature than that found in offices and commercial buildings.

For instance:

  • Factories have very large heavy machinery
  • Processing plants handle hazardous substances
  • Laboratories are very clinical environments
  • Building sites are a buzz of construction activity

Not only that, additional risks to health and safety are present which require the use of more specialised PPE (personal protective equipment). These items are essential and will need to be worn when entering these very hazardous environments. We provide all staff essential PPE when required including hard hats, high vis vests, hair nets, masks, gloves, safety glasses and safety boots (where appropriate). If additional PPE specifications are required for a particular site, these will be sourced and distributed to staff before commencement of work on site.

Industrial cleaning equipment will also need to be used which may include floor scrubbing equipment, wet vacs, ride on scrubber dryers, high reach vacuuming equipment, scissor lifts, platforms; including specialist cleaning chemicals designed for specific industrial cleaning tasks.

Industrial cleaning is not a task to be taken lightly and requires specialist knowledge to ensure cleaning work is carried out safely, efficiently and correctly. All of which is in aid of producing exceptional cleaning results for your business. We have over 60 years experience in the industrial cleaning sector so you can have the confidence and peace of mind you need that we know what we are doing.

Does your business fit into one of the above categories?

Most likely it does!

Most, if not all, of the work we do on a daily basis includes all of the above types of contract cleaning.

The services available for all of the above categories include daily or weekly cleaning, carpet & hard floor cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, external pressure washing, disinfection cleaning to name just a few.

As this is the case, if you find yourself in the market for contract cleaning services, you can be sure we have the experience needed to care for the cleaning needs of your business.

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