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How to strip, clean and polish Vinyl Flooring

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Large commercial buildings, particularly schools and community halls use vinyl flooring as it is affordable, easy to maintain and durable. All types of vinyl flooring require maintenance occasionally whether it be re-application of the seal to enhance and protect it or polish that protects the flooring from wear and damage. As professional cleaners in the North East, we have put together our recommendations on stripping, cleaning and polishing your vinyl floor.

1. How to strip vinyl flooring?

When applying a new coating of vinyl flooring it is very important to remove any old surface coating beforehand, failure to do so can cause problems in the future. The first step to removing the old polish is mixing a floor polish removing chemical with water and dispersing it over the required area. Allow a minimum of 15 minutes for the mixture to have an effect. You may need to add approximately three coats per application depending on the number of coats of seal that need to be removed. If stripping off the old coatings is something that has been ignored previously, professional floor cleaning companies can help. Ideal Cleaning use the correct products and industrial cleaning equipment to provide a fast, efficient and quality vinyl floor cleaning service.

2. How to clean vinyl flooring?

Once the surface coating has been stripped and removed, next up it’s time for some deep cleaning to remove the soiling that often becomes trapped in the worn surface of the vinyl. Add a cleaning chemical to hot water and mop the floor surface, we recommend using a course nylon scouring pad underneath your mop to provide the agitation needed to loosen the embedded soiling. Mopping the floor several times with fresh water after this process will help to ensure the surface is clean and any chemical is neutralised.

3. How to apply polish to vinyl flooring – How to seal a vinyl floor?

Before applying any floor polish it is important to ensure the floor is dry and free of any surface contaminants. Grab yourself a pair of rubber gloves, some floor polish, a dry flat mop head and a window cleaning bucket! With the polish in the bucket, work left to right across the room ensuring the floor is evenly covered, wait around 30 minutes before giving a second coat and most importantly, make sure you don’t tread on the polish whilst wet!

Need help maintaining your vinyl flooring? With our experience in providing professional cleaning services to multiple commercial clients in Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington and Hartlepool we are confident that we can help. For a free quote, get in touch today on 01642 685 321.