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Tips to keep your Office Toilet Clean and Fresh!

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Think about how many people are in your workplace, then think about how many times everyone uses the most common facility – the toilet. Although the toilet is something that is used frequently throughout each day, more often than not nobody will really give a thought about its cleanliness other than the cleaner or caretaker.

As office cleaning specialists, we thought we would put together some easy tips to help you make sure that your office toilet doesn’t become a bio-hazard and breed lots of bacteria which can be the culprit of employee sickness bugs!  Here they are:

  • The importance of having soap in your office or public toilet

The ultimate must have in any toilet whether it be in the office or at home is soap to kill the bacteria. Liquid soap dispensers are a popular option in public toilets being quick and simple to use, one thing to consider is making sure the dispensers themselves remain in good condition as they are likely to be pressed numerous times a day. We also recommend having a hand sanitiser available near the sink.

  • What else is important to keep your office toilet clean?

Whether it be the ladies or the gents, all toilets should have a seat. We recommend regularly checking the conditions of your office toilet seats to make sure they are still intact (hinges can often come loose) and to check they are kept to a clean standard. Seat covers are also something that you could consider.

  • What are the necessities in keeping an office toilet clean and fresh?

Another necessity is toilet paper which should always be available and constantly topped up. Not only that, think about how people dry their hands after washing them; perhaps you have hand dryers which need to function properly or provide cloth towels or disposable paper towels if you’re looking for a cheaper option. If you opt for towels, don’t forget to regularly empty the bins!

  • Create a office toilet cleaning checklist

By creating a checklist you can highlight the main tasks that need to be carried out and ensure that they are checked off at the end of each working day with your cleaner or caretaker. If you need help putting a checklist together, get in touch! Our team of professional cleaners are highly experienced in all aspects of cleaning, including toilet cleaning in commercial environments.

Last but not least, keep it smelling fresh! This can work as way of letting your employees know that it is a clean, hygienic environment and work as encouragement for them to maintain its cleanliness.

At Ideal Cleaning, we provide office cleaning services, including toilet cleaning in commercial properties throughout the Teesside area; Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool and Darlington. Whether your need a one-time visit from us to create a office toilet cleaning checklist or are looking for a regular cleaning service, we can help.
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